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  The principal of the school Mr stanley Bii

   Kapkesosio  Secondary School was started in 1996. The previous year, an interim committee had been constituted to spear head the initial development of the school which saw the first students enrolled as from February 1996. The first students to be enrolled  were about twenty and since then the school is now a two streamed school with a population of approximately four hundred. Each stream has an average ranging between 40 to 50 students.
The influx of students impacted by the need and demand for education has been putting  pressure to the board of governance and administration to  constantly put up structures needed to accommodate them.  Today we have 8 class rooms, two science Laboratory, one computer laboratory, one room serving as staffroom and an office block.
We also have five small rooms one serving as a Library and another as a store.

   However, there are still big rooms for more development. The Kitchen only serve for cooking area as it is still temporary structure.   It has a permanent store which is separate from the kitchen built with off-cuts
The toilets are in good conditions but needs regular exhaust which we find expensive exercise. With the current demand of education and the rate at which the school population increase, there is need to increase the number of those toilets and management.

   Within the school compound is the teachers bloc housing two teachers.
Also a girl’s dormitory is available accommodating only a few students. The school compound is not more than 4 acres. Most of it is convered by structures. Leaving a small area for  playing fields eg Handball, hockey, volleyball and netball. For other sports, we normally ask a neighboring  primary to accommodate us eg for football and athletics.

   The school has about three improved grade cows. These provide milk to subsidise the much required to be used in preparing tea for students. Other structures available: Two permanent tanks, two plastic ( kentank) tanks and three corrugated tanks. These go along way in providing water for use  in the kitchen  and for student's use. However, these are not enough. During dry spell students are allowed to go out for water from a nearby well.
It is therefore obvious that we need some assistance in order to serve the students effectively and efficiently for satisfactory results in the exams.


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1. Mr. Alex Chebukto -  The Principal 2. Mr. Stephen Mutai  - The Deputy …

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